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Since summer has officially started, what better way to celebrate than with delicious new scents from our favorite Thai brand of soap, Parrot Botanicals. Parrot soap has released 5 new varieties for our enjoyment. Whether you use it for hand or body washing, there’s no doubt that you’ll smell fresh & clean and feel rejuvenated. My favorites are the yellow Jasmine and the purple Frangipani (aka Plumeria) soaps. The blue Scented Wood is definitely for all the males out there who enjoy a crisp, cool scent.

Parrot Botanical Soaps are also a great for gift giving as party or wedding favors – the packaging is perfect for coordinating with various color themes.

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First blog post

I am a survivor of the mk ultra program. I have started a support group by survivors for survivors. If you would like to get involved go to facebook  and enter:

project mk ultra survivors support group

You can tell your story, leave links to pages of interest, suggest books or other media.

Try to stick to your personal experiences with this program, discuss what you have learned, heard, experienced, and witnessed.

The purpose of the project mk ultra support group is to provide a safe, sane environment for others in our situation to share helpful advice, good thoughtful suggestions, such as what to do and say and to who, and what never to say and to who. As you I am sure are now very familiar, this is rough stuff, and can be a very dangerous topic to discuss openly with the wrong  sort of people.